Welcome to the official Drawbright Studios website! My name is Jason and I am the main contributor to this studio. At Drawbright, we strive to create children’s books at a high level of visual excellence. Our stories are meant to give parents and children attention towards making them go through equally enriched journey’s as later age readers do. Our books are a bit longer in dialogue yet still reside at the normal 32 page length. GOALS FOR DRAWBRIGHT STUDIOS The main goal for me is to produce one extremely high quality book every one to two months. For me it is a very important goal to meet my own personal standards of visual and literary depth that will keep the attention of children and parents by placing emphasis on the classic adventure structure with a mix of dynamics that will teach, entertain, and contain moral positivity.
On this site you can keep an eye on the progression of our library of titles. We plan to use several printers for our beautiful books, Hardcover versions will also be available one the Lulu marketplace, If you’re looking for the best experience I encourage the Lulu version, they will be Hardcover and the quality of print in my opinion is the richest and most saturated and vibrant.
Crafting Dynamic Picture Books
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